Terms And Conditions


By registering to be a member of the SADC TFCA Network, the applicant tacitly agrees to the Terms and Conditions stated below.

  • By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, the applicant confirms that all information provided in the registration form is correct and factual.
  • The SADC TFCA Network Steering Committee reserves the right to perform background checks to confirm the information provided. Should any of the information provided prove to be inaccurate, the SADC TFCA Network Steering Committee may refuse the application for membership.   
  • Upon approval of membership, access to the Network portal shall be granted as the primary platform for communication and sharing of information, experiences and knowledge. The applicant must use all reasonable efforts to keep their username and password for the SADC TFCA Network Portal confidential.
  • Members are required to conduct themselves in a manner outlined in the SADC TFCA Network Structure document.
  • Membership to the SADC TFCA Network is valid for two (2) years from the date of registration on the portal. This will expire automatically within two (2) years unless renewed. A reminder will automatically be generated and sent to the member before this date.
  • Members shall abide by the following principles both while using the portal and during face to face meetings or in any other activity in which they represent the SADC TFCA Network:

- Active engagement, consistency and commitment to the SADC TFCA -Network

- Respect for the sovereignty, structures and systems of the SADC Member States

- Respect for the systems and procedures within SADC

- Advocacy for peace, security and regional integration through TFCA development

- Benefits of TFCAs should ultimately be accrued to the local communities living within and around TFCAs 

- Development of TFCAs as a multi-sectoral, participatory process

- Engagement of relevant stakeholder groups without bias or prejudice

- Deliberation and implementation with a spirit of equality, equity, collaboration, cooperation, mutual respect, accountability and transparency   

- Commitment to implementation of mutually agreed work plans and activities

- Ensuring that ownership of the SADC TFCA Network remains with and is led at all times by the Member States

- Amicable resolution of disputes and disagreements 

- Maintaining a culture of giving and receiving

  • Any breach of the above provisions may lead to revocation of membership by the SADC TFCA Network Steering Committee
  • Contributions made on the online discussion forums are by individuals and as such, do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the SADC Secretariat, the SADC TFCA Network Steering Committee or that of SADC Member States.
  • Content that is uploaded on the portal is done so acknowledging that this information is there to be shared and utilised by Network members. However, Network members are required to cite reference material appropriately.
  • The SADC Member States, through the SADC TFCA Network Steering Committee, ultimately reserve the right of membership to the SADC TFCA Network.