BIOPAMA Regional Resource Hub Protected and Conserved Areas Data Workshop.

<p>The Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) wishes to invite you to a Data Workshop led by the&nbsp;<strong>BIOPAMA Regional Resource Hub (RRH)</strong>&nbsp;from<strong>&nbsp;18 to 22 March 2024</strong>. The training will be held physically at RCMRD premises in Nairobi, Kenya.

First Expert Workshop to Guide Development of a “SADC Guideline for Community Engagement in TFCAs”

SADC FANR and GIZ have invited thirty acknowledged experts and practitioners from various organizations from the region, to an expert workshop held February 1-2 2018 in Johannesburg. The experts came to review and update the current Situation Analysis Report (SAR); identify key aspects for the development of the SADC Guidelines on Community Engagement in SADC TFCAs; identify lessons learnt, good practices and share experiences to complete the SAR; and recommend the proposed structure for the Guidelines on community engagement in SADC TFCAs.

First Expert Workshop to Guide Development of a “SADC Guideline for Community Engagement in TFCAs”

A first expert workshop took place 30 to 31 January in Johannesburg, South Africa to discuss structure and substance of the guideline on cross-border tourism products in TFCAs.

Validation workshop of the Draft Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for TFCAs in the SADC Region

The objectives of the validation workshop are to:

  • bring together Member States as well as other relevant TFCA stakholders to interrogate the draft SADC TFCA Monitoring and Evaluation Framework document, that has been developed by the SADC Secreatariat in collaboration with Member States, and provide suggestions and inputs for its improvement;and
  • allow Member States to adopt the document and recommend it for submission to the Technical Committee on Wildlife for further review and to kick-start the approval process through SADC structures

Inception Meeting for Firemanagement Pilot Project LNP and KNP

This is the inception WS for the pilot project on cros-border firemanagement between Limpopo NP and Kruger NP.

SADC TFCA Guideline Development WS

Participants will work on the SADC guidelines for developing TFCAs. 


Entitled: “Towards Implementation of Commodity-Based Trade of Beef in KAZA: Opportunities for Integrating Livestock Agriculture & Wildlife Conservation” On November 3-4, immediately following the State of KAZA Symposium at the same Victoria Falls venue, the above-mentioned workshop shall be held under the auspices of the KAZA Secretariat, in collaboration with the AHEAD Programme and FAO, and with support from The Rockefeller Foundation and the Planetary Health Alliance.

GLTFCA intergrated Livelihoods Diversification Strategy workshop

The Department of Environmental Affairs ,through the GLTP JMB has initiated a process of developing an integrated Livelihoods diversification strategy. This will be a two day workshop with the aim to present the first draft strategy, including proposed geographic nodes, strategic focus areas and proposed interventions, to initiate discussions on the implementation plan for the Pafuri node in particular.

Consultative workshop - Integrating systems & tools for TFCAs

Numerous online tools and databases have been developed which are relevant to SADC TFCAs and the PAs therein (e.g. Maps, Regional Reference Information System, Legal Atlas, Monitoring & Audit tool, and Human-Wildlife Conflict tools). In order to improve access to these tools by TFCA practitioners and related personnel, in early 2015 several organisations (GIZ, IUCN, PPF, WWF and GLTFCA-AHEAD) under the guidance of the SADC Secretariat, began considering the possibility of integrating or at least linking these systems and tools with the SADC TFCA Network portal.