Conservation & development initiatives in SADC TFCAs: Online Survey

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11 December 2020

SADC Secretariat, with support from the SADC-GIZ Transboundary Use and Protection of Natural Resources Programme has initiated the development of a publicly available inventory of conservation & development initiatives in SADC TFCAs to enable collaboration, coordination and lesson exchange, and to improve planning and prevent duplication of effort. The exercise will also aid the SADC TFCA Financing Facility in identifying funding gaps and priorities across the TFCA landscape.

To do so, we have a set of 25 questions for those funding, supporting or implementing initiatives in one or more of the 18 TFCAs in the SADC region. We estimate that the questionnaire should take 15-20 minutes to complete. The information provided in the survey will ultimately be made available online

We kindly ask you to fill in the form for each distinct initiative per TFCA, or per SADC-level support. “Initiative" is defined as a project, programme, working group or network; and is considered "distinct" from another if its funding source(s) and/or objectives are separate OR if it has the same funding source but is entering a different phase, with separate budget & set of outputs/outcomes. Please note that the assignment is NOT meant to collect information of standard government operations, for instance on Protected Area (PA) management covered by annual national budget lines, or information on all the tourism operators active within a TFCA. 

If you are involved in any of the conservation & development initiatives in SADC TFCAs, kindly complete this form latest in the week of 18 January 2021:  SADC TFCA Inventory of Initiatives (