Mozambique Celebrates Launch of Membene Lodge: A New Destination in the Lubombo TFCA

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22 February 2024

The Government of Mozambique and Peace Parks Foundation marked a significant milestone on February 14, 2024, with the official inauguration of Membene Lodge in Maputo National Park. This latest addition to the tourist accommodation in MNP represents a crucial step in the park's vision to attract eco-tourists while simultaneously fostering conservation efforts and local community development.

Membene Lodge, situated at the scenic intersection of bush and beach, offers 24 self-catering chalets and campsites, catering to both local and international tourists. Its eco-friendly design, recognized with an Award of Excellence from the Pretoria Institute for Architecture, reflects a commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation.

The inauguration ceremony, attended by dignitaries including President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi and former President Joaquim Chissano, underscored the shared dedication to the restoration and long-term sustainability of Mozambique's flagship national park.  Peace Parks Foundation facilitated investment of US$5 million to support the building of Membene Lodge which has been concessioned to a private operator with the main aim to boost local tourism revenue, thereby supporting local communities and hopefully covering operational costs by 2032.

Maputo National Park, which once lacked wildlife killed by the colonial and civil war period, has undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to regional collaborative efforts and significant investments. The park, forming part of the Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation Area, now serves as a model for transboundary conservation restocking and ecotourism initiatives in Africa.

Funding from the World Bank's MozBio program has enabled crucial infrastructure development, including headquarters, park gates, and staff accommodation. Additionally, investments in research and training centers aim to raise awareness about conservation among visitors and local communities alike.

Tourism plays a vital role in Mozambique's economy, contributing significantly to GDP and providing employment opportunities. The revenue generated from national parks not only supports conservation efforts but also benefits local communities directly.

For more information about the Inauguration of Membene Lodge, please contact Dr. Bartolomeu Soto on Bsoto[at]peaceparks[dot]org