Development of GLTFCA Transboundary Tourism Strategic Framework

GLTFCA Partner Countries; GLTFCA Implementing Agencies; Partner Country National Tourism Organisation; Boundless Southern Africa; Private & Community Owned Tourism Enterprises
(1) Ensure seamless movement for tourists across boundary between GLTFCA country components without compromising security of either; (2) Enable improved land and air access between the GLTFCA components, and in support of better regional linkages; (3) Provide for coordinated tourist management, access facilities and protocols; (4) Ensure appropriate infrastructure is developed and managed to facilitate cross-boundary tourism; (5) Ensure land-uses in transboundary area are compatible with each other and biodiversity conservation objectives; (6) Ensure that tourism products are compatible across boundaries; (7) Support the development and implementation of GLTP Cross-border tourism products; (8) Ensure good visitor management through the development of integrated booking systems; and (9) Develop world-class interpretative facilities to showcase GLTFCA components and attributes.

The Strategic Strategy Framework is intended to guide and coordinate the development of sustainable transboundary tourism, and to facilitate the removal of barriers to tourism development, investment promotion and growth in the GLTFCA region. Cognisant of the COVID-19 pandemic impact on tourism to and within the destination, the Transboundary Tourism Development document must also include recovery strategies for implementation at GLTFCA regional level.

Specific Area (Village, Town, District, Province): 
Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe
HQ of the Initiative: 
GLTFCA Secretariat
Is the timeframe likely to be extended?: 
Thematic Focus: 
Community Livelihood Dev, Policy & Leg frameworks, Tourism
1st Contact Name: 
Piet Theron
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2nd Contact Name: 
Roland Vorwerk
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