Elephant collaring

Elephant collaring
Satellite tracking collars placed on elephants will enable better understanding of how they utilise the landscape - critical to landscape restoration projects. Specific objectives: i) use satellite GPS collars to monitor & record spatial movements of at least 5 breeding herds & 5 mature bull African elephants over time; ii) investigate abiotic & biotic factors that influence elephant migration on a seasonal basis within Karingani; iii) investigate restoration timelines & processes which may influence elephant recolonisation & movement in Karingani; iv) identify potential security risk points along Karingani's eastern boundary by monitoring elephant movement & breakout attempts; v) maintain & update databases on elephant populations for management purposes; vi) coordinate research efforts, compile & disseminate research findings
2020 to 2022
Thematic Focus: 
NR Protect & Mgt, Research