“Hlawula Vutomi” Youth Programme

Peace Parks Foundation
GLTFCA Joint Management Board; National Administration for Conservation Areas (ANAC) / Limpopo National Park; SANParks / Kruger National Park; Youth Zones
The main objectives of the proposed Youth Programme, named “Hlawula Vutomi” are as follows: (1) Create awareness of the value of our natural heritage; (2) Provide information on the current wildlife crime problem, especially with respect to the current status of rhino and elephant poaching crisis in the two countries; (3) Promote the value of conservation through the endorsement of the theme “join the long-term honourable option”; (4) Create awareness of the economic opportunities associated with conservation; (5) Promote the concept of “no borders” when it comes to the conservation of our natural heritage; and (6) Promote and enable interventions beyond just creating awareness such as capacity building, empowerment, and real change in the way the youth view wildlife.

During discussions between Mozambique and South Africa regarding joint initiatives to address the escalating wildlife crime problem, it was suggested that specific interventions should be focused on the youth of the two countries.  It was further suggested that a youth awareness programme be developed as part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Areas (GLTFCA) initiative.  The aim of this programme would be to develop interventions specifically designed to create awareness amongst the youth on the value of the natural heritage of the two countries.

Limpopo NP (MZ); Kruger NP (ZA)
Specific Area (Village, Town, District, Province): 
Mozambique, South Africa
HQ of the Initiative: 
GLTFCA Secretariat
2017 to 2023
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Ongoing implementation of Programme
Thematic Focus: 
Community Livelihood Dev
1st Contact Name: 
Piet Theron
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2nd Contact Name: 
Lola Lopez
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