Africa's Coexistence Landscapes

European Union (Directorate General of Development and Cooperation)
KAZA Secretariat; ZimParks; Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks; University of Bergen (Norway)
(1) Local stakeholders and national decision makers from multiple sectors develop a shared and holistic understanding of the conservation and human development dynamics impacting on the Hwange-Kazuma-Chobe WDA landscape; (2) Decision makers from different sectors develop sectoral policy agendas that promote wildlife conservation and improve human livelihoods in the Hwange Kazuma Chobe landscape while minimizing trade-offs; (3) Regional and international institutions and mechanisms are aware of the potential of systemic approaches to promote wildlife conservation and sustainable economic development simultaneously.

The project has developed a stakeholder knowledge-driven, quantitative model of the dynamics of various sectors - agriculture, forestry, local communities, tourism, water and wildlife - in the landscape. A user-friendly interface is being developed to allow stakeholders and decision makers to interact with the model, interrogate it and test different policies. The project will convene policy dialogues with national policy makers from different sectors both countries to develop policy agendas aimed at improving livelihoods and sustainable management of wildlife while minimizing tradeoffs - in short, to promote coexistence between local communities and wildlife.

Specific Area (Village, Town, District, Province): 
Hwange Kazuma Chobe WDA
HQ of the Initiative: 
Nairobi, Kenya
2019 to 2021
Is the timeframe likely to be extended?: 
Elaborate on likelihood to extend: 
We would like to turn this initiative into a long-term commitment to promote policy coherence across KAZA by continuing the process initiated in Hwange Kazuma Chobe and initiating similar processes in other WDAs, ultimately to cover the entire TFCA.
Thematic Focus: 
Agriculture, CC adaptation/mitigation, Community Livelihood Dev, HWC mitigation, Integrated Land Use Planning & Implementation, Policy & Leg frameworks, NR Protect & Mgt, Research, Tourism
1st Contact Name: 
Julian Blanc
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2nd Contact Name: 
Doreen Robinson
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