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Frankfurt Zoological Society
Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority
1.To adopt a strategic and proactive approach to security within the GNP, guided by data and intelligence by 2023. 2. To have sound ecological research and monitoring informing all conservation management decisions in the Park by 2023. 3. To ensure the restoration and protection of natural ecosystem processes that have historically been disrupted within the GNP through key species reintroductions by 2023. 4. To play a role in informing and driving relevant policy and legislative processes for the long-term protection of GNP. 5. To build the brand of Gonarezhou as an authentic and iconic wilderness and conservation destination that consolidates and grows the self-drive market consistently and strives towards attracting appropriate investors by 2023. 6. To offer an attractive and diverse array of tourism options, utilised by both self-drive tourists and operators, which financially support the conservation of the Park and enable benefits to flow to local communities. 7. To explore and develop other commercial opportunities that meaningfully contribute towards the operating costs of Gonarezhou by 2023. 8. To establish platforms for genuine engagement between the community and GCT, fostering understanding, respect and shared growth through to 2023. 9. To establish a protocol to allow for cultural history to be recognised & observed within the park by 2021. 10. To develop and contribute to community upliftment through employment and development projects that enable sustainable socioeconomic development in neighbouring communities. 11. To ensure as a priority that cases of Human-Wildlife Conflict receive an effective response and are mitigated as far as possible through training and extension support. 12. Ensure through partnerships that all potential buffer areas (Jamanda; Naivasha; Maunge; Manjinji) are effective & functioning by 2025. 13. Explore all options for the establishment of functional corridors between the GNP and Banhine, Zinave and Kruger National Parks by 2023. 14. To maximise the effectiveness of the management and protection of GNP to ensure the future sustainability of the Park. 15. To promote trust, confidence, and pride in our brand to our stakeholders (internal & external) 16. To ensure through good financial management that delivery is maximised through the effective and efficient use of resources (balance between organisational income and expenditure). 17. To have a full framework of rules and practices by which GCT can ensure fairness, transparency and accountability by 2021.
Gonarezhou National Park
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HQ of the Initiative: 
Chipinda Pools, Gonarezhou National Park
2017 to 2037
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Community Livelihood Dev, HWC mitigation, Integrated Land Use Planning & Implementation, NR Protect & Mgt, Research, Tourism
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Hugo van der Westhuizen
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Evious Mpofu
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