Developing an incentive-based model for community-led marine conservation in Comoros

Darwin Initiative; Tusk Trust; Oak Foundation; European Union
Dahari; The National and Regional Fisheries Directorate; Moheli National Park
(1) improve the livelihoods of 1,500 small-scale fishers in the Comoros whilst reducing pressure on fisheries and enabling effective management of 350 hectares of coral reefs, conserving marine biodiversity. (2) replicable, locally-led marine management model developed with ten communities on the island of Anjouan will incentivise adaptive fisheries management. (3) Additional activities will add value to catches and increase agricultural production, diversifying and improving livelihoods. (4) Best practices will be shared with government and partners, supporting replication nationwide.


1. Locally-led fisheries management measures piloted in two new coastal areas (Dar Salama and Moya) and continued by communities in the coastal area of Vassy on Anjouan (ten communities in total), preserving marine resources and providing livelihood benefits. 2. Ten communities from three coastal areas of Anjouan have access to data and improved knowledge for identifying key biodiversity hotspots and guiding adaptive management of local marine resources. 3. The livelihoods of 400 fishers (200 women) from ten communities are improved through the adoption of value-addition activities for marine products and/or complementary sustainable agriculture activities. 4.  The first LMMA in the Comoros is established in one coastal area, with the foundations laid for additional LMMAs in two further areas, as a result of governance structures that are created and supported to design, implement and enforce adaptive fisheries management. 5. A network of fishing communities and implementing partners in the Comoros shares best practices in local fisheries management and community conservation.

Moheli NP
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Bristol, UK
2020 to 2023
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If needed, the initiative will carry on until local communities are independently and sustainably able to manage their own fisheries.
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Jenny Maltby
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Fanny Effaz
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