Development of landscape level GLTFCA Elephant Management Framework

USAID WWF KETHA & GiZ Transboundary Use & Protection of Natural Resources (TUPNR) Programme
GLTFCA Partner Countries, GLTFCA Implementing Agencies, GLTFCA landscape partners
(1) Create a vision and build a common understanding and purpose amongst all key stakeholders on elephant conservation and management in the GLTFCA landscape; (2) Align the current and proposed elephant management practices in GLTFCA components and strengthen coordination and cooperation amongst key stakeholders and interest groups; (3) Maintain elephant habitats and restore connectivity through the development of corridors and wildlife dispersal areas between GLTFCA components; (4) Improve local community benefits, cooperation and collaboration on elephant conservation and management; (5) Reduce the illegal killing of elephants and illegal trade in elephant products; (6) Facilitate the development of a GLTFCA Elephant Translocation Policy to support the re-stocking of depleted protected and wildlife areas in the 3 countries based on sound ecological and sustainability principles and objectives; (7) Develop a landscape level understanding of elephant-human conflict in the GLTFCA and inform the development of policies and procedures on how best to reduce this in areas within the GLTFCA; (8) Develop overarching guidelines relevant to elephant management, implemented according to the country specific legislative framework; (9) Provide a framework for collaboration and institutional mechanisms to support the implementation of the Framework of the 3 GLTFCA Partner Countries, and (10) Facilitate the development of an integrated research programme to support the implementation of the Framework.

The project brief for this study is to develop a landscape level Elephant Management Framework for the GLTFCA.  This will include the following key components: (1) Undertaking a scoping exercise in order to develop a baseline database of existing elephant management related initiatives within the GLTFCA Project Area, including the ecological baseline, stakeholder base and relevant policy, legal and institutional context; (2) Develop a common vision, mission, principles and objectives to guide the development of a GLTFCA landscape level Elephant Management Framework through a participatory stakeholder-driven process; and (3) Based on the aforementioned, develop a landscape level Elephant Management Framework for GLTFCA, which will be submitted to the GLTFCA Elephant Management Task Team, Joint Management Board, and Ministerial Committee for approval.

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GLTFCA Secretariat
2020 to 2021
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NR Protect & Mgt
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Piet Theron
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Lola Lopez
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