First 2024 SADC TFCA Network Newsletter

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27 February 2024

Welcome to the first SADC Transfrontier Conservation Area (TFCA) Network Newsletter of 2024. Last year, TFCAs across the region regained momentum, with regional and TFCA-level initiatives gaining traction.

In June 2023, the SADC Ministers of Environment approved several regional policies and strategies, including the revised SADC TFCA Programme 2023-2033, the revised SADC Law Enforcement and Anti-Poaching Strategy 2022-2032, and Guidelines for Community Engagement and Cross-border Tourism Products in TFCAs. These policies were discussed at the Annual Network meeting in Maputo in November and received positive feedback.

In this newsletter, we look at the annual meeting, the new TFCA programme, the formalization of the Lower Zambezi-Mana Pool TFCA, and the opening of a new lodge in the Lubombo TFCA, and other developments.

Also, the SADC TFCA Network can look forward to new activities including revamping of the TFCA portal, which we hope will become a well-utilized knowledge hub for TFCA practitioners. This newsletter will provide you with a glimpse of the valuable information you will find there once it is up and running. Keep an eye out for the announcement of the new portal launch.

Below, you will find a link to register for our webinars starting in April. These webinars will address important topics such as elephant-human conflict and the impact of climate change on TFCAs. Please register if you are interested. SADC TFCA Network Webinars 2024 | SADC TFCA Portal. If you have any good suggestions for other Webinars going forward, do not hesitate to reach out to me

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Steve Collins

SADC TFCA Network Coordinator