Formalisation of the Muange Private Nature Reserve

Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS)
National Administration for Conservation Areas (ANAC); Muange Private Land Managers / Concessionaires
(1) Creation of a conservation corridor (integrated resource use zone which will serve as a mechanism to reduce poaching incursions into Gonarezhou National Park through the establishment and operationalisation of a Joint Park Management Committee; (2) Facilitate harmonization of management policies and practices; (3) Securing the eastern boundary line of the Muange Private Nature Reserve to prevent or minimize human-wildlife conflict; (4) Facilitate cross border tourism, to stimulate investment into the Muange Private Nature Reserve as well as into the neighbouring communities in Mozambique; and (5) Generate socio-economic opportunities such as jobs, community facilities such as schools and clinics for the benefit of local communities in Mozambique.

The formalisation of Muange Private Nature Reserve will be based on the Greater Libombos Conservancy (GLC) model and will include the following key activities: (1) Establishment of single legal entity; (2) Development of Joint Management Framework/Plan; (3) Drafting of security plan; (4) Sign MoU between ANAC & Muange Private Nature Reserve; and (5) Following the above, establish Gonarezhou National Park / Muange Joint Park Management Committee.

Specific Area (Village, Town, District, Province): 
HQ of the Initiative: 
Maputo, Mozambique
2019 to 2021
Is the timeframe likely to be extended?: 
Thematic Focus: 
Community Livelihood Dev, HWC mitigation, Integrated Land Use Planning & Implementation, Policy & Leg frameworks, NR Protect & Mgt, Other
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Lola Lopez
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Piet Theron
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