Further implementation of GLTFCA Institutional Reform Strategy

GLTFCA Partner Countries, GLTFCA Implementing Agencies, GLTFCA Country Components, Peace Parks Foundation, USAID Resilient Waters Programme, & Frankfurt Zoological Society
GLTFCA Partner Countries, GLTFCA Implementing Agencies; GLTFCA Country Components; Peace Parks Foundation; USAID Resilient Waters Programme; Frankfurt Zoological Society; USAID WWF KETHA; USAID VukaNow; USAID Supporting Communities And Law Enforcement
(1) Facilitate the effective implementation of the objectives and guidelines of the International Treaty; (2) Achieve a balance between political will, strategic overview and effective implementation (i.e. policy development & implementation); (3) Provide for continuity in institutional arrangements, including membership; (4) Focus on park level collaboration and implementation – especially in light of need to address protection issues (rhino poaching); (5) Provide for inclusivity and development of strategic and effective partnerships; (6) Focus on both the collaborative management of GLTP and future development of GLTFCA; and (7) Achieve overall goal of sustainability, efficiency & effectiveness.

The Institutional Reform Strategy consist of the following two key interventions: (1) Revised role of the JMB in order to be more focused on policy development, advocacy and overall guidance to the initiative; (2) Establishment of geographically located Joint Park Management Committees (JPMCs) under the JMB in order to facilitate effective implementation of the initiative; and (3) Coordination of GLTFCA Programme and Activities through an International Coordinator and / or GLTFCA Secretariat.

HQ of the Initiative: 
Offices of the GLTFCA Coordinating Country (Harare, Zimbabwe) and GLTFCA International Coordinator (Johannesburg, SA)
2015 to 2022
Is the timeframe likely to be extended?: 
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Piet Theron
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Lola Lopez
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