Impacts of invasive lantana camara on livelihoods and indigenous species abundance and diversity

CIRAD Dream project funded by EU; National University of Science and Technology (ZW)
CIRAD- Dream Project funded by EU
1. To determine the spatial coverage of invasion of L. camara in the KAZA-TFCA. 1.1. What is the spatial coverage of L. camara at KAZA - TFCA? 1.2. What are the environmental correlates that necessitate its growth and spread? 1.3. What is the rate of invasion and how much area could be covered by L.camara by 2050? (Future Scenarios). 2. To establish the effects of L. camara clearing on native plant diversity and abundance in the KAZA -TFCA. 2.1.What are the effects of L.camara on the abundance & diversity on native plants? 2.2.What is the density of L.camara? 2.3.What is the abundance and diversity of native plants in the control? 2.4. What is the impact of L.camara on major soil nutrients? 3. To establish the effect of L. camara clearing on native species. 3.1. What is the abundance of L.camara in the cleared sites ? 3.2. What is the composition of native plants in the cleared sites? 3.3. What are the effects of L. camara on major soil nutrients in the cleared sites? 4. To assess the impacts of L. camara on rural livelihoods. 4.1. What are the costs and benefits that local communities experience due to L.camara? 4.2. What is the cost change in relation to abundance over time? 4.3. What is the impact of L. camara on local rural livelihood assets? 5. To establish local communities’ knowledge, attitudes perceptions and practices towards L. camara and its management in the KAZA-TFCA. 5.1. What is the stakeholders KAPP in regard to L. camara? 5.2.What are the management options of L.camara as perceived by various stakeholders? 5.3. Does the KAPP on L.camara and its management options differ among stakeholders?
Victoria Falls National Park; Zambezi National Park; Hwange National Park
Specific Area (Village, Town, District, Province): 
Ndlovu Area, Magoli
HQ of the Initiative: 
Harare, Zimbabwe and Makhanda Rhodes University
2016 to 2020
Is the timeframe likely to be extended?: 
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The Dream project apparent ended in 2018, but I continued with the Research with no funding.
Thematic Focus: 
Agriculture, Community Livelihood Dev, NR Protect & Mgt, Research
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Matheu Bourgarel
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Peter Mundy
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