Launch of the Legacy Landscapes Fund

Wednesday, 19 May, 2021 - 16:30 to 18:00

Entering the Next Level of Biodiversity Conservation
Wednesday, May 19th, 2021

4.30 p.m. CEST (duration one hour, Q&A for the press afterwards)

Online Event Only

We are losing natural habitats with dramatic speed: Every four seconds one football field of forest disappears. And every 11 minutes one species goes extinct. The Legacy Landscapes Fund opens a new dimension in nature protection to stop the loss of biodiversity. It is tackling the root problem of effective landscape conservation in developing countries: a lack of sustainable financing. Learn more about the fund and its functioning in a special launch-event with personalities and partners from around the globe.

Participants (among others):

• Gerd Müller: Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany
• Elizabeth Maruma Mrema: Executive Secretary of the United Nations
Convention on Biological Diversity
• Patricia Espinosa: Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework
Convention on Climate Change
• Stefanie Lang: Executive Director of the Legacy Landscapes Fund

Moderator: Dirk Steffens, science reporter, UN biodiversity ambassador

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Our well-being is connected to intact ecosystems and the services they provide us. But instead we continue to mistreat nature. The loss of natural habitats and global biodiversity has reached a new peak so that science tags our age as the 6th mass extinction event. Over the past fifty years about 60 percent of the global ecosystem services degraded; one million species are at risk of extinction.

The world currently faces three crises that are interconnected: the loss of biodiversity, climate change and the emergence of zoonotic diseases. Together they put humanity at risk.

To address these crises, it is necessary to protect at least 30 percent of our planet ́s land and oceans by 2030. Right now, only about 16 percent of theterrestrial surface and about 8 percent of the seas are protected. And the ones that do exist do not have steady financing to be managed effectively.

The Legacy Landscapes Fund is filling in this gap by supporting at least 30 of the world ́s most important “legacy landscapes” in developing countries. It is an innovative financing instrument that brings together public donors and private (philanthropic) actors.

The fund aims at securing places with outstanding biodiversity value that are also important for climate protection, the prevention of zoonotic diseases and for maintaining critical ecosystem services through partnerships in developing countries.

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