Lubombo Eco Trails and Mhlumeni-Goba Transboundary Trail

Three countries, one mountain range, a global biodiversity hotspot

Explore a globally recognised biodiversity hotspot shared by three countries. The Lubombo Eco Trails comprises a network of existing and proposed trails set against the spectacular Lubombo Mountains. This little-known region will reward adventure-seekers with rich ecological and cultural experiences. By linking attractions across landscapes, local communities will benefit from a variety of products offered to visitors such as challenging mountain bike trails, rugged 4x4 routes, river rafting, canoeing and hiking.  

The newly established Mhlumeni-Goba Transboundary Trail is a 24 km long two-day circular trail that traverses the Lubombo Mountains, winding along ridges, gorges and valleys through communal and wilderness landscapes. Surprise awaits intrepid hikers around every bend and guaranteed experiences include a designated border crossing, 360° views, waterfalls, ancient cycads and caves.  

Hikers can start either at the Mhlumeni Tented Bush Camp in Eswatini or the Goba Cliff Camp in Mozambique. Vehicles can be safely parked at either camp. Both overnight camps sleep 16; have stunning views, basic self-catering facilities and shared ablution blocks. The vibrant local communities of Goba and Mhlumeni are official custodians of the trail and will benefit directly from the shared product. Additional services such as porters, guides or a traditional home-cooked meal are available.  

Please contact Ms Nomsa Mabila for booking information: 
Email: ecolubombo2[at]gmail[dot]com 
Tel: +268 7603 1931