Oratsimba III

Darwin Initiative
Blue Ventures; Direction Régionale de l'Agriculture, de l'Elevage et de la Pêche; Madapêche; Le Martin Pêcheur; MIHARI Network; Unité de Recherche Langoustière; University College London
(1) Strengthen the community-based fisheries management model in Sainte Luce and extend it to neighbouring communities of Elodrato and Itapera through active community structures; (2) Equip communities with the skills and knowledge to sustainably manage their own lobster fisheries through increased understanding of fisheries management and ecosystems services; (3) Creation, ratification and effective enforcement of fisheries dina (local law) in target communities alongside relevant national law, and increased collaboration with regional regulatory bodies; (4) Value chain opportunities leveraged to transfer greater benefits to fishers, ensuring economic viability for fishers and communities to comply with national legislation and management measures

Project Oratsimba (Phase III) aims to re-engage the communities of Elodrato, Itapera and Sainte Luce in sustainable fishery management, building on the successes of Project Oratsimba (Phases I and II). Strengthening local and regional capacity to implement adaptive, sustainable fishery management in the Anosy Region

Sainte Luce Reserve
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London, UK
2018 to 2021
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Building on the successes of Phase III, SEED Madagascar is now fundraising for Project Oratsimba Phase IV
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NR Protect & Mgt
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Lisa Bass
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Melissa Hornby
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