Packaging of Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area tourism offerings

GLTFCA Implementing Agencies; Partner Country National Tourism Organisations; Boundless Southern Africa; Development partners supporting tourism related initiatives within the GLTFCA
Package content related to Great Limpopo TFCA’s biodiversity and cultural heritage story and expansive tourism offerings (accommodation, activities, attractions, cultural heritage encounters) and provide critical information on transboundary itinerary options into a format with print (destination brochure) and electronic (various online platforms) applicability. The marketing tools are intended to support positioning of the Great Limpopo TFCA as a distinct, mutli-faceted and attractive tourism destination in the Southern African region.

The Great Limpopo TFCA requires marketing and investment promotion interventions that go beyond conventional marketing, towards market development which focuses on both supply and demand sides, and that adds value to the tourism experience in a manner that expands the benefits of tourism to more than one country. This approach is intended to complement individual Partner Country efforts, while diversifying SADC’s tourism offerings through capitalising on the region’s natural and cultural heritage assets and contributing to socio-economic growth.

Specific Area (Village, Town, District, Province): 
Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe
HQ of the Initiative: 
GLTFCA Secretariat
2019 to 2021
Is the timeframe likely to be extended?: 
1st Contact Name: 
Piet Theron
1st Contact Email: 
2nd Contact Name: 
Roland Vorwerk
2nd Contact Email: