Peace Parks: from dream to reality

'Peace parks' join fragmented wildlife habitats and form an interconnected mosaic of protected areas and cross-border wildlife corridors, which allow for the free movement of animals across international boundaries. They offer conservation as a viable land-use option for the benefit of the local people and allow them to utilise their natural resources sustainably. 

In 1997, Dr Anton Rupert, together with Dr Nelson Mandela and HRH Prince Bernard of the Netherlands, founded Peace Parks Foundation (PPF). Their goal was to create a network of protected areas across international borders to ensure the preservation of southern Africa's biological diversity whilst at the same time supporting sustainable economic development and promoting regional peace and stability. 

Since then, PPF has made great strides towards making their shared vision a reality, by facilitating the establishment of ten Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCA's) across southern Africa. 

The TFCA concept is one which operates in harmony with surrounding communities, creating sustainable local, national and regional benefit flows, and providing local people with a reason to protect their natural assets.

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