Project Ala (Reforestation Programme)

Conservation, Food, & Health Foundation; Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust; Leopardess Foundation; People's Trust for Endangered Species; Rufford Foundation; private donors
(1) Four wildlife corridors connect five forest fragments, increasing overall forest connectivity and supporting the movement of species, with a focus on endangered lemur species; (2) Sustainable, long-term SLLF management strategies are developed and implemented by informed and engaged community members and local stakeholders; (3) SEED actively contributes to global conservation research on forest corridor effectiveness and biodiversity conservation strategies, with a focus on lemur conservation

Ala is an in-situ lemur conservation project, establishing four habitat corridors between five fragmented patches of vital lemur forest habitat in a recently protected area of Sainte Luce Littoral Forest (SLLF), southeast Madagascar. The SLLF is severely threatened by deforestation, fragmentation and degradation, and without intervention, it is predicted a further 80% of it will be lost by 2072. Through connecting isolated forest patches with corridors, the project aims to increase viable lemur habitat, reunite discontinuous lemur sub-populations in the SLLF ecosystem, and thus secure the long-term future of the four local lemur species which are all classified as Endangered. Additionally, habitat corridors will benefit many other endemic flora and fauna species which are unable to disperse between habitat patches

Sainte Luce Reserve
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London, UK
2018 to 2021
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Building on the successes of Phase I, SEED Madagascar is now fundraising for Project Ala Phase II. Project Ala II is the second phase of the long-term Ala Programme spanning ten to 15 years. Each phase will work towards conserving the biodiversity of the SLLF and building local management structures that ensure the sustainable governance of protected forests and forest resources in Sainte Luce for the future. Following Ala II, funding will be sought for consecutive project phases until the Ala Programme is complete and the protection of littoral forest biodiversity in Sainte Luce can reliably continue in the absence of external funding or intervention from SEED Madagascar.
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NR Protect & Mgt
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Lisa Bass
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Melissa Hornby
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