Proposed re-establishment of the GLTFCA Secretariat

Resilient Waters Programme; Peace Parks Foundation
GLTFCA Partner Countries & Implementing Agencies
(1) Facilitate the effective implementation of the objectives and guidelines of the International Treaty; (2) Achieve a balance between political will, strategic overview and effective implementation (i.e. policy development & implementation); (3) Strengthen the institutional capacity of the GLTFCA on various scales to enhance collaborative resource management and joint decision-making; (4) Support the effective development and implementation of GLTFCA policies, strategies, plans and initiatives to support an integrated, inclusive and climate-smart approach to conservation and socio-economic development in the region; (5) Leverage innovative financial resources and coordinate development partners to support integrated and improved management and technical assistance to key stakeholders; (6) Focus on park level collaboration and implementation and improved management practices to mitigate threats to biodiversity; (7) Provide for inclusivity and development of strategic and effective partnerships to ensure increased benefits to local communities from biodiversity; (8) Focus on both the collaborative management of GLTP and future development of GLTFCA; and (9) Achieve overall goal of sustainability, efficiency & effectiveness.

The proposed Secretariat will be an independent entity which is responsible for the coordination and implementation of the GLTP / GLTFCA on behalf of the GLTP / GLTFCA Joint Management Board.  As such, the Secretariat will report to the JMB and support the 3 GLTFCA implementing agencies in collaboration with key partners to implement decisions made by the JMB.  This would include the effective implementation of the various policies, strategies and initiatives approved by the JMB.

HQ of the Initiative: 
To be determined based on feasibility Study
2019 to 2021
Is the timeframe likely to be extended?: 
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Piet Theron
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