SADC GIZ Malawi-Zambia Project Evaluation Report and Media Product online!

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25 June 2020

An inter-disciplinary team of the Centre for Rural Development (SLE) of the German Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) and the Southern African Wildlife College spent three months in 2019 to investigate two SADC – German funded TFCA support projects in the Kasungu-Lukusuzi Landscape (Malawi Zambia TFCA) and the Lubombo TFCA.  The final evaluation report titled “Bridging the Gap between People and Nature - An Evaluation of GIZ/SADC Support Projects for Strengthening Transfrontier Conservation Area Management in Southern Africa” is now online and can be down-loaded from the HU server under the following link

For learning more about how to transform “hostile” communities to advocates of conservation and TFCAs, please follow the link to this fantastic interactive story about the Kasungu Lukuzuzi Landscape.