SADC TFCA Financing Facility Open Call for Concepts

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15 June 2021

The SADC TFCA Financing Facility has launched its first Call for Concepts for biodiversity conservation in Southern Africa. This call is open to government entities, Non-Governmental Organisations and Community- Based Organisations (CBOs) implementing biodiversity conservation related projects in the SADC region The call for Concepts is open from 15th June 2021 - 15th  September 2021

The SADC TFCA Financing Facility is pleased to announce its first call for submission of Concepts focussing on Transfrontier Conservation Areas (TFCAs) in the SADC Region. This is the first call in a series of calls to be announced by the Financing Facility.

This call aims to support  three thematic areas in TFCAs:

  1. Species dimension: Improved habitat connectivity, especially for elephants and large carnivores as flagship species;
  2. Habitat dimension: Improved management effectiveness of TFCAs and Protected Areas (PAs);
  3. People dimension: Improved livelihoods for communities affected by human-wildlife co-habitation

TFCA FF grants:

Consideration will be given to  concept notes for projects which meet the following criteria:

  • To be implemented in TFCAs in the SADC region;
  • Require  a contribution of €300 000 - €3 000 000 from the Facility in the form of small, medium and large size grants;
  • Can be completed within a maximum period of 3 years.

A signed letter of endorsement must accompany project concepts from the relevant government entity responsible for TFCAs in the country/s in which the project is located.

Please click on the links to access detailed instructions to applicantsConcept Note Template and the Environmental and Social Management (ESMS) Questionnaire attached in the Interim TFCA FF ESMS Framework.

To submit your application for a TFCA FF grant, please fill out the concept note template, budget template, ESMS questionnaire and send electronically (maximum 20MB) to sadctfcaffgrants[at]iucn[dot]org.  

Why support SADC TFCAs?

Transfrontier Conservation Areas in the SADC region are home to a number of globally significant species and habitats, with potential to contribute towards economic development not only to national economies of participating countries, but also to the livelihoods of local communities living in TFCAs who are often faced with challenges related to human-wildlife co-existence. 

The concept of TFCAs contributes towards biodiversity conservation in the SADC region, through setting aside large contiguous land areas to promote ecological connectivity. TFCAs aim to enhance collaboration among SADC Member States in conservation of biodiversity through adoption of common management approaches. The TFCA FF aims to contribute towards achievement of the objectives of the SADC TFCA Programme developed in 2013 through calls for concepts.


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