State of KAZA Symposium 2016 - Concept Note

The State of KAZA Symposium is being organized and hosted by the KAZA TFCA Partner Countries, through its Secretariat, in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, from 31 October to 2 November 2016 with technical, logistical, organisational and financial support being offered by partner organisations, specifically the AHEAD Programme, Peace Parks Foundation and WWF-Namibia.

The symposium will seek to:
1. Celebrate KAZA’s 10 years of existence and showcase its achievements;
2. Demonstrate progress towards attainment of the objectives of KAZA as listed in the Treaty and its impact thus far;
3. Highlight what is working well and why, and possibilities of replicating these successes;
4. Highlight what is not working well and why, and possible remedial actions;
5. Harness recommendations for future direction; and
6. Provide a platform for engagement and collaboration for KAZA stakeholders.

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