Third Edition of the SADC TFCA Newsletter now On-line

30 April 2018

Welcome to the third edition of the SADC TFCA Newsletter prepared by its SADC TFCA Network members and partners. It shares many experiences and news-updates on the ongoing activities and developments within the 18 TFCAs in the SADC Region.

The TFCA Network Steering Committee also welcomes the recent appointment of Mr. Domingos Gove as the Director of the Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources (FANR) Directorate at the SADC Secretariat.
This edition does not feature one specific TFCA, but rather showcases the numerous efforts in the areas of community livelihoods and tourism for the advancement of TFCAs. Progressive management of natural resources is about finding a balance between using the resources for socio-economic development and conserving those for future generations whilst enjoying them for their beauty, natural wonders and recreation. Hence there are also two SADC TFCA Guidelines on community engagement and cross-border tourism products in TFCAs under development.

The SADC TFCA Newsletter would not be possible without the contribution of many Network members who value this medium to inform the rest of the TFCA Network and interested parties about current developments and events.

Since the last newsletter edition, the online TFCA Portal has gone through significant upgrades to become more user-friendly. I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter and we always welcome your contributions for the next edition. You can find all articles online at and the newsletter is available under

Kind regards,

Ernest Mokganedi

Chair, SADC TFCA Network Steering Committee (South Africa)