Tourism Concession Guidelines for SADC TFCAs for review - 14 August

This is Draft Version 1 of the Tourism Concession Guidelines for SADC TFCAs, for review.  This document is in English, and translations are being commissioned for Portuguese and French versions.  The document has been developed in line with the ToC (see uploaded document)

The aim of these guidelines is to provide guidance for tourism concessioning in TFCAs within the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

The objectives are to:

  • Provide practical evidence-based guidance on a step-by-step the concessioning process that supports decision making;
  • Ensure that guidance aligns the goals and objectives of conservation agencies and the private sector, and with the principles of sustainable tourism;
  • Provide case study examples of good practice from within SADC, challenges, and tips to address them; and
  • Provide simple, clear, reliable, applicable, flexible and concise information, with links to more detailed information and templates.
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