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Wildlife Conservation Network; Projects implemented by numerous NGOs on the ground including Panthera; CLAWS Conservancy; Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust; WildCRU; Game Rangers International; Kalahari Wildlands Trust
Panthera led: Lion recovery in Luengue-Luiana NP, Angola Kalahari Wildlands Trust led: Community based conservation in Khaudum Ngamiland WDA, NG3 WMA, Botswana WildCRU led: tackling human lion conflict in Chobe Enclave in Botswana & adjacent to Hwange NP & Matetsi Safari Area in north west Zimbabwe CLAWS led: Promoting human lion coexistence through innovative approaches north of the Delta, Botswana Kwando Carnivore Project led: Tackling human lion conflict in the Zambezi region of Namibia Game Rangers International led: Securing predator hotspots in Kafue ecosystem, Zambia Bhejane Trust led: Sinamatella lion & rhino protection project, Zimbabwe National Park Rescue led: Supporting the management of Chizarira NP, Zimbabwe

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HWC mitigation, Community Livelihood Dev, NR Protect & Mgt, Research
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