WWF in the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area

WWF United States; WWF Netherlands, WWF Germany, WWF Switzerland
Associação de Conservação do Ambiente e Desenvolvimento Integrado Rural Angola (ACADIR); Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation (IRDNC); Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF); ECOEXIST; Kalahari Conservation Society (KCS); Kalahari Wilderness
‘By 2029, transboundary ecological connectivity and wildlife as a viable form of land-use is secured as part of an integrated, resilient regional management approach that demonstrably generates improved economic and conservation returns at scale.’

Delivering on WWF’s goal of KAZA of ‘A connected, climate resilient, economically viable conservation landscape for people and nature’ ís built on three pillars. These are to: 1) Protect KAZA’s key biodiversity assets through securing ecologically connected landscapes with diverse, healthy, resilient ecosystems; 2) Improve the governance and management of natural resources through empowered and resilient rural communities; and 3) Unlocking the economic value through a viable, sustainable regional economy supported by an environmentally sensitive regional planning. These are under-pinned by an effective communication strategy that canvasses broad scale support and understanding of KAZA’s key stakeholders.

Luenge Luiana NP, Mavinga NP (AN); Chobe NP, Chobe Forest Reserve, Moremi Game Reserve, Makgadikgadi Pans NP (BW); Bwabwata NP, Nkasa Rupara NP, Mudumu NP, Khaudum NP (NA); Kafue NP, Sioma Ngwezi NP, Mosi-oa-Tunya (ZM); Kazuma, Matetsi Safari Area
Specific Area (Village, Town, District, Province): 
Cuando Cubango (AN); Chobe District, North West District (BW); Zambezi Region (NA); Southern Province, Western Province (ZM); Matabeleland North, Midlands (ZW)
HQ of the Initiative: 
Livingstone, Zambia
2011 to 2030
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Ongoing commitment
Thematic Focus: 
Agriculture, CC adaptation/mitigation, Community Livelihood Dev, HWC mitigation, Integrated Land Use Planning & Implementation, Policy & Leg frameworks, NR Protect & Mgt, Research, Tourism
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Michael Knight
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Russel Taylor
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