Zambesia Conservation Alliance - A regional Alliance of Conservation organisations.

Self funded at this time/we are looking for funding sources
Currently comprise 27 member organisations within Angola; Botswana; Namibia; Zambia & Zimbabwe. Organisations include: AN - Kissama Foundation; BW - Ecoexist Trust; NA - Giraffe Conservation Foundation; NYIME Anti Poaching Unit; ZW - Cobras Community Wild
The Alliance is a Not for Profit vehicle established support conservation awareness in the Zambesia region & be a conduit for conservation support to member organisations. Specific objectives include: 1. To create a network of privately run, legally established conservation organisations that work within the 7 countries of Zambesia. 2. Begin to develop more cohesion and information sharing between these organisations. 3. Provide a network on media and social media platforms to relate the work and stories of these organisations and the plight of conservation in the region. 4. Provide our alliance partners with access to legal advice and other support that may either be costly or usually unavailable to individual organisations. 5. Set up a sequence of platforms for the organisations to meet and communicate - this will vary from simple communication platforms such as whatsapp through to events such as meetings and conferences that target information sharing and idea centralising as well as opportunities to provide access to new technology. 6. Create a centralised platform for the sharing of information that relates to the IWT and link this to legal entities within and beyond the region. 7. Provide a funding source for our alliance partners - this may be direct funding from the donors we work with or it may be a solution for grant application writing and formulation which is a weakness for many of the smaller more field focused organisations. 8. Ensure that our alliance partners include best practice in their areas of focus with a leaning towards the inclusion of local communities and the creative education and buy in of these communities in all areas of the projects involved. 9. Provide a platform for the sharing of science between our alliance partners with a focus on the involvement of conservation focussed science students and professionals that originate from Africa.

The above has outlined our initiative goals - the process is 8 months old and the organisation has made good inroads into establishing the alliance of outreach partner organisations. We have also linked this alliance with large credible organisations and will continue to build on this process.

HQ of the Initiative: 
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
2020 to 2021
Is the timeframe likely to be extended?: 
Elaborate on likelihood to extend: 
Our project has only just begun and we will endeavour to continue to build on this for many years.
Thematic Focus: 
Agriculture, CC adaptation/mitigation, HWC mitigation, Integrated Land Use Planning & Implementation, NR Protect & Mgt
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Robin Brown
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Luke Brown
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